Residential Complex

The Residential Complex

“Tigran Mets” is a newly constructed residential complex offering bright and spacious apartments in a peaceful area of Monte Melkonian street, Yerevan. We have 3 buildings with well-thought designs that include comfortable apartments of every size and structure. It is also worth mentioning that out of a total of 6700m2 residential area, only 37% is used for construction. The rest is dedicated to green and leisure activity areas for children and residents.

It is our goal to offer all the needed conditions for a comfortable and enjoyable living. That’s why the complex comprises all the amenities to make a dream place to live even for the pickiest householder. For instance, all our apartments have balconies with private gardens that do not require additional maintenance. Moreover, for building your future home, we have used only high quality, clean, and sustainable materials and have taken care of every detail. So, the only thing that you need to do is go ahead and pick your dream home!


“Tigran Mets” residential complex is located on Leningradyan street, close to Dalma Garden mall and Yerevan Park amusement park. Other residential buildings and venues are being built in the neighboring areas, and a lot of attention is given to the creation of green spots and parks. Hence in several years this site will become a prosperous and growing part of the city.

Тhe Yard

Most of the land is designed for providing a green and safe environment for the residents. That’s why only 37% of the land is used for construction. The total area of the residential complex is 6700m2, which means there is plenty of space for playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, grocery shops, green areas, and other areas for common use.

We know that it is important to keep a car-free yard, which is why our 3-floor underground parking will provide enough parking space for every resident. Moreover, there are free ground-level parking available. These areas are located in such a way that they don’t intersect with the pedestrian and leisure areas.

The Buildings

“Tigran Mets” residential complex will have 3 buildings that will have 15, 17, and 19 floors each. Our penthouse apartments are located on the top floors of each building correspondingly.
We have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the optimal insulation, visibility, and security of the buildings. Furthermore, our buildings are equipped with reliable security and fire-fighting systems, as well as advanced technologies and energy-saving materials, to provide not only aesthetically pleasing but also enjoyable living.

We know that the outside appearance of the buildings is as much important as the practical aspects of the construction. For this purpose, we have made sure that the facade of the building looks neat and beautiful. The complex is covered with natural stones – white travertine, tuff. The buildings have 9-point seismic resistance, and are made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The complex will also have centralized heating and water supply.


Our apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort regardless of the size. All our apartments have an open balcony with a private garden that can be easily maintained as we have provided all the necessary conditions for it.

The ceiling height is 3m, the windows are stained glass, which means that they will save the heat during winter and protect against UV rays in summer.

There are 9 apartments on each floor. Most of the apartments have spacious balconies with beautiful views of the Ararat mountain and the K. Demirchyan Sports and Concerts complex. The apartments will be provided to the buyers with plastered walls and partitions, a flat floor, and an installed entrance door and windows.

The design of the apartments allows the installation of needed kitchen equipment and the placement of the required furniture.

On our website, we have all the essential information about the complex. You may explore the structure and floor plan of every apartment at the Apartments section of the website. Just click on your preferred apartment and you will see the area, number of the rooms, and the price on the right side.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will happily assist you. You may find information about our location and contacts on the Contacts page.